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bentonville and cassville Chiropractic CareExperience the numerous benefits of chiropractic care at Runnels Chiropractic in our Bentonville, AR or Cassville, MO office. You can increase your range of motion, decrease inflammation and have better organ function, among other advantages. As a chiropractor, Dr. Runnels relieves pressure on the nerves of your body, allowing you to perform at your optimum levels.

Finding Relief and Wellness

At Runnels Chiropractic, most people seek our help because they’re in pain. We’ll work to stabilize your problem area and then recommend continuing care to ensure that your body stays aligned and balanced. If you choose to cease care after your pain is gone, your issue won’t be corrected. Pain is often the last sign that something is wrong in your body, and though it may diminish quickly, it doesn’t mean the source has been properly addressed.

A Soft, Effective Touch

Dr. Runnels uses a gentle, hands-on method called the Prone Technique. By using his hands, he can better understand where any problem areas in your body are. If needed, he also uses Diversified Technique for a different approach. We may also recommend traction, which lifts and separates vertebrae to get fluid into your discs, electric muscle stimulation to relax taut and tender muscle fibers and needleless acupuncture that works as a complement to chiropractic.

We’ll detail exactly what you can expect before giving you a chiropractic adjustment, answering all your questions and putting you at ease.

Our friendly, helpful team is here to discuss what we may be able to do for you. Contact us today and schedule a no-charge consultation!

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