Our Bentonville, AR & Cassville, MO Offices Always Welcome New Patients

new chiropractic patientsRunnels Chiropractic is a welcoming, organized place where all ages will feel welcome. You’ll see children and adults alike at our office. We’re here to help relieve pain and assist you in understanding how to take care of your body for a healthier future.

Day One at Runnels Chiropractic

We’ll ask you to complete some paperwork when you arrive. Then, our chiropractic assistant, Heather, will take you on an office tour and bring you to the examination room. We’ll take your vital signs, and then you’ll meet Dr. Runnels for some orthopedic testing and to talk about your health history. We find that most people need to have X-rays taken, and we can do so on-site. Dr. Runnels will then do some therapeutic stretching to relieve any pain you’re in and give you home care advice. He’ll then take the time to review your results and prepare to go over them with you at your next visit. Please plan on spending about 15-20 minutes plus time for paperwork with us on this visit.

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Day Two

When you return, you’ll receive a full report of Dr. Runnels’ findings. He’ll explain the nature of your problem, how long it’ll take to fix, his best recommendations and answer all your questions. You’ll receive your first chiropractic adjustment. This visit takes just 10-15 minutes, plus any extra time necessary to thoroughly address any concerns you have.

runnels chiropractic bentonville and cassvilleFollowing Up

At your regular visits, it’ll take just 5-10 minutes from start to finish. You’ll come in, be greeted, have your adjustment and any necessary therapies, such as traction, needle-free acupuncture or electric muscle stimulation, which can take a bit more time. You are not required to see a chiropractor for the rest of your life once you begin, as many people falsely believe. You can, however, choose to continue care because it helps you stay healthy. We’re in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield and are happy to file your insurance claims for you. Contact us today to schedule your time!